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The company

IBT Systems is a supplier of state of the art hardware and software solutions for several application fields, including industrial, automotive, wellness and e-health.

The company was founded in 2016, with over 20 years of experience of the partners in research, design and technology transfer in the field of embedded systems.

IBT Systems addresses in a comprehensive manner both strategic planning and technical design issues. It works so that usability, portability, reliability, wireless connectivity, advanced sensing and low-cost features will characterize the new generation of systems and applications.


IBT Systems can help you take full advantage of the leading-edge embedded system technologies. Thanks to its vast experience, IBT Systems can promptly set up a working team to address both strategic planning and technical design issues, guiding you towards the most appropriate solutions.

In a scenario where systems of different scales and purposes are all interconnected, where energy reduction and power management, shrinking of time to market, overall systems's validation, application customization, system reliability and run-time adaptation to the changing requirements are all real challenges, IBT Systems provides professionals with the knowledge, technology and human expertise you need to find trusted answers.

No matter the theoretical or implementative obstacles you must overcome, we will assist you at each step and develop with you a tailor-made innovative solution to your problem. First, we will closely work with you to identify the constraints and goals of your product and the system architecture required. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market, we will then support you in the selection of the appropriate platform and in the design of ad-hoc processing and sensing boards.

We will take care of the full chain: from the provision of hardware and the firmware on the device, up to the server and the app interface on mobile phones.

Technology scouting

Comprehensive analysis of technology state-of-the-art through desktop research and interviews exploiting a network of industries, technology transfer centers and universities built up during the last two decades. IBT Systems will strictly cooperate with the customers to provide effective outcomes such as:

  • Analysis of scientific publications, patents, research projects etc. to define the state of the art
  • Identification of the main players of the research
  • Selection of technological and commercial partners
  • Comparative analysis of your products versus current solutions adopted by competitors

Support to technology adoption

The key idea is to combine market drivers and technology scouting to support:

  • Requirement elicitation and management
  • Functional analysis of your systems and/or products
  • Identification of technologies available for your application field
  • Identification of the subsystems where the adoption of ICT technology can produce the major impact
  • Definition of a technology adoption plan, including evaluation of alternative suppliers
  • Active driving of innovation during the redesign and/or prototyping of your products

European projects

Based on experience in over 20 EU-funded projects (success rate around 80%) and in the development of many demonstrators and case-studies in the industrial sector, we provide support in conception, management and implementation of industrial and EU-funded projects. This is a short list of the services offered:

  • Analysis of the calls, identification of opportunities and creation of the consortium
  • Support in writing the proposals
  • Coverage of both technical management of the submitted proposals and, after the approval, in the day-by-day operations
  • Support to the scientific research of industrial partners

Design and development

IBT Systems provide a wide range of design and implementation activities covering the entire vertical spectrum of today's interconnected embedded systems, from ultra low-power devices to web-based dashboards, in particular:

  • Energy-aware embedded hardware and firmware
  • Networked multi-sensor platforms providing wireless connectivity
  • Systems for automotive (OEM and aftermarket) and for industrial applications
  • Application development on different platforms, such as Linux, RTX, QNX, Android and FreeRTOS
  • System models for analysis and simulation, mapping of the results in real products
  • Concept and design of safety critical systems

Partners & Customers

Our Expertise

Collaborating with several partners and designing solution for our customer we have developed expertise in several fields and a variety of technologies.

Low-power devices

Most of today's pervasive applications require long-lifetime battery operated devices. To combine performance and low power consumption specific techniques have to be adopted. Our team has developed a significant expertise in the evaluation, concept, design and implementation of low-power and ultra low-power devices.


Gathering information from the field is crucial enabler for new applications in the most diverse fields: from e-health and biomediacal to envioronmental monitoring, agriculture, food processing, industial applications and automotive systems. Thanks to several cooperation and after more than 10 years of succesful design experiences, our engineers have acquired the skill to identify the best hardware and formware solutions for sensing, data fusione and analysis.

Internet of Things

Collecting data from in-field sensors and other connected sources is only the first part of the story. By focusing on the specific needs of our customer's applications we propose and implement distributed solution balancing computation, storage, power consumption and communication bandwidth. As official ThingsBoard distributors for Italy, we provide development and customization services for IoT data collection and presentation.


Thanks to the cooperation with our customers and partners, both in the development of industrial innovation projects and in the development of medium-term European research projects, we have acquired a deep knowledge of the automotive industry, both from a technical and a strategic point of view. In particular our team focused on the concept developmetn, design, implementation, deployment and in-field testing of aftermarket boxes for a variety of funcionality.

Industry 4.0

Combining the automation of manufacturing technologies with cloud and cognitive computing and integrating cyber-physical and IoT systems into a vertical solution is the the goal of the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Our expertise in the design and development connected devices and sophisticated data analysis algorithms enables us to support our customers to implement a smooth transition to this new integrated industrial approach.

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